There are many parameters that help quantify and assess the quality of our built environment. We scrutinize and discuss everyday products and regular buildings that our collaborators have personally worked on in the light of sustainability.

Live Builds


Moving through a network of architects and building professionals, the section specifically focuses on their regular buildings. These form the bulk of our built environment and ascertaining the quality of their spaces gives better insight into our everyday habitats. What the average client finds feasible, affordable, and more importantly essential, determines the future of all local and global efforts to improve the sustainability of our settlement systems.

The Help

Between the average builder and the limitation posed by our means, daily objects of utility and décor are all most of us feel we can control. This makes them worth more than their market value. The section tries to discuss the design-build workflow of customized pieces, aiming to highlight their upper hand as judicious space utilizers and/or highly personal(ized) items. It is also expected to encourage a move away from mass-produced space fillers which we believe is a step towards lesser wastage of resources (so bonus).

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