This project is a wholesome combination of two very important ideas.

First, the size of your home is insignificant.

Second, smart space design adds unlimited functionality.

From correcting for untidy construction to effective space utilization through custom furniture design, this mere 600 sq. ft. was deceptively complex. Finetuning the rough edges on the interior without wasting precious square footage while also enhancing utility and space value makes for a very tight design brief. This inevitably leads to innovation in thought and practice which is always welcome.

Judicious space utilization has long been lauded as the savior of energy. On all scales, from furniture to cities, multipurpose utilitarian areas save on both material and service related costs, to the pocket as well as the environment. What could very well have been expanded to double the square footage was limited to just the bare minimum required for sleeping, eating, reading, and living.

Even though the house was to serve as a second home for the family, it was nevertheless a family of four, including an elderly and a child. Both of the latter categories require special considerations in a home since they partake in a significantly greater number of activities.

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